Sunday, April 1, 2012


Work!? (With props to Maynard G. Krebs, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis) 

Yes there is work to be done in and around the yurt.  Since it rains a lot there is always mowing and weed eating (yum) as well as encouraging things to grow that I want to grow.  Tomatoes, zinnias, a volunteer sunflower, some green beans are all in the works.  I did see five feral pigs in the yard this morning.  I’m going to  lose that battle…

Mildew grows on any damp surface, such as the north facing portion of the roof.  I recently bought an extension handle brush.  I am scrubbing a little and waiting for the rain to rinse.

Charging my computer with PV solar needs daily attention.   I will upgrade into a more dependable system soon.

A cup or two to wash, floors to sweep, etc. 
The beauty of living in a 24 foot circle is there isn’t a whole lot to do.
So I write.  Poems, stories that I hope will get published, and maintain three blogs, the newest combining writing friends in Hawaii and Connecticut.

And I hang out and relax. Drink some coffee.  A beer later.  Chat with friends.  Funny how you can fill the same exact 24 hours with a little or a lot.
OK, got to go, I have to go look at the sheep.  Did you know their eyes glow in the beam of a flashlight?

Busy, busy, busy!