Sunday, December 26, 2010

The yurt thing...

I'm not sure when I became a yurt person.  Likely it was when I first saw the classic photo of one that Pacific Yurt Co. uses on its web page, brochures etc.
Kudos to them (and the person who lives in it!) for promoting the beauty of the structure in a gorgeous setting.  I have yearned for the experience ever since.
Long before the yurts, my interest was in some sort of back to the land project.  It was a 60's thing I guess.  The words to Joni Mitchell's Woodstock resonated "'I'm going to camp out on the land I'm going to try an' get my soul free".   It goes back even farther to my Ohio roots where we lived and played a little bit closer to the land.  The outdoors, the ways of our was our recreation and out sustenance.  But as it sometimes happens, things get in the way of dreams that are not swiftly acted upon: Relationships, finances, children, careers, etc.  But it was always there.  I never totally let go.
And when I first learned of yurts they seemed like a perfect fit, a vehicle that could allow a bit of scheming and planning to "Goin' to get back to the land to set my soul free" as it goes in the CSNY version.  Yurts are affordable, versatile, and they have eco-friendly aspects to them.  (More on this at a later time.)  So  a guy like me, in my situation financially and otherwise, might just be able to buy into the dream.
So dream I did.  I have amassed a file folder of yurt information over the years.  I studied the details, visited web pages, read books, and sought out yurt experiences.  I hope to share some of these things in coming installments.
Meanwhile, we are on the verge of a New England snowstorm here in Connecticut.  A yurt in Hawaii is looking more and more attractive!



  1. A yurt in Hawaii sounds like a dream! Alas, I'm in the throes of relationships, finances, children, careers now! Maybe someday! I look forward to following this blog, and living vicariously through your experience! :)
    -Suzanne E.

  2. Follow your bliss....something my Dad told us to do....once he was in his retirement. My brother Ken is now following his bliss....dreams you Paul. I am embarrased to admit that I have never had a passion as you have with yurting (is that a term???lol) I will be a avid follower of your adventure Paul.....yurt on.