Friday, May 18, 2012

Walking Man

To date, I have walked approximately 91 miles back and forth, between my yurt and Scot’s house.  Each trip is about 800 feet, each way.  Going is slightly uphill; while back “home” is downhill. 

Smiling back
It is a different trip each time. The sky is continually entertaining.  On wet days, its barn boots and umbrella, while on sunny days you might find me in flip-flops and shorts.  I have worn a path in the grass from mountain to sea.  Part of the time I walked amongst the sheep, carefully opening and closing gates, gathering tufts of wool caught on fencing or shed in the pasture, and enjoying their Zen-like smiles. Other times, flowers, insects, and ferns kept me company.  At night the darkness is often broken with a smiling moon and glimpses of the universe.
Full moon

Tiny treasures
The house for the moment provides food, showers, and friendship.  Some of that will change as I continue to upgrade my electrical and plumbing systems.  But being a social creature, sometimes, I will continue to gather with my brother, and other friends and visitors.  Coffee is served in the morning, dinner most evenings, and a beer or two on Friday evenings.

These are some of the simple things that I hoped for while building and living in this yurt.
An eye on the sun

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