Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Very loosely translated Wabi-Sabi means design in a clean, functional, natural way, with emphasis on reusable materials.  It is the way I am approaching the use of my yurt.  I want to live simply and make as little negative impact upon the rest of the natural world.  Good idea, eh?  A modern yurt, manufactured with a history of simple, natural design fits this directive, sort of.  The wood is beautiful and sustainable.  The walls and roof material are of man made fibers, essentially plastic.  Plastic...plastic!!!  But it is durable, so it will likely last a lifetime, with care.  And in Hawaii natural things tend to decompose (which is of course a natural process) quickly.  So there is need to compromise in the Wabi-Sabi philosophy.  Low impact needs, not no impact needs.
Rubbermaid storage unit (plastic!)  for water sensitive PV components.

Then there are conveniences, like hot water for a shower, and electricity. These are projects underway. Solar is the way to go for H2O.  And photovoltaics are the answer for electric.  But that is also a bit dirty, at least in the manufacturing process.  Perhaps it is a bit of a wash re my carbon footprint?   

Brick floor under lanai for outdoor bathroom

The question continues, do I need these?  Can I do better, can I do without?

Next time, the Lovable Loo, aka humanure.


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