Monday, January 28, 2013

Yurt Geometry

The geometry of this yurt works subtly on me.  Rays of sun often splash across the parallel wooden floorboards leaving fleeting prints of light and shadow defined by lattice-shaped diamonds.   On recent evenings moonlight projects through the dome onto floor and walls, searching and highlighting.  Perpendicular to the perimeter of the circle 2-bys rise, giving a lightness, a buoyant lift to the roof and the space it encloses. 

The yurt is cozy but not claustrophobic, and its structure always feels larger on the inside.  The roof beams soar overhead surrounding and directing my eyes upward to the ocular dome and  beyond towards the sky and heavens above, painting the ceiling with parading clouds and the stars of the Milky Way.  

The forms of furnishings both highlight and challenge these geometries forming contrasting triangles, rectangles and arcs. 

It might be a busy vision, but it is not.  The wisdom and grace of the design, along with the refined wood grained materials work together creating a peaceful energy; safe, strong and welcoming.

It is my stout shelter, my creative retreat, and my quiet home.


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