Thursday, May 30, 2013


For the past two year or so I have been enjoying yurt life on the slopes of Mauna Kea.  I am located at about 1500 ft. on the Hamakua coast, east Hawaii.  Here we get frequent trade winds and plenty of rain, sometimes over 200 inches per year. 
This window gets the most wind and rain, and is not easily reached.
This rain is often driven by the wind makes adjusting the windows a challenge.  The windows need to serve two purposes here: To keep out the rain out while allowing in cooling breezes.  Even with the dome lifter open and three windows and two doors open, ventilation of the 80 degree heat is a challenge.  And because of the windows are adjusted from the outside, reaching them on my sloping land is almost impossible without a ladder.  I have tried various adjustment combinations of the privacy flap and the clear plastic storm window, but I still get wind driven rain on the inside floor.
I can reach this more easily.
There seems to be two options.  Colorado Yurt now offers a fully operational window, which can be opened and closed from the interior, for an additional $1650.00 plus shipping and instillation.  I don’t believe these were available when I purchased my yurt three years ago.
The second option is an awning kit which converts the privacy flap into an awning.  I have 3 on order at $175.00 each.  I am hoping these will help.   It is suggested you could build your own.  Plans would be helpful.

So take into consideration the wind and rain at your site, if you are planning a yurt.  Locate the windows and doors appropriately.  A little extra expense for the special windows might be  worthwhile.


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