Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hello, I Must Be Going

With due respect to Groucho Marx, my time grows short. 
Much has happened, but it always seems to come down to a few precious days.
I have spent the past week getting my small PV power system working, cleaning up construction debris, planting a few flowers (sunflowers and impatiens) and thinking about what I will be doing in the yurt the next time I am here:  Upgrading the solar, furnishings, maybe a composting toilet, maybe cooking/kitchen facilities, water, shower etc. make the list. There is much to do.  Fortunately I do not need to rush into any of these; I still have the facilities at the main house.  But I would like to explore making the yurt more independent, more self-sustainable, more "green".
I am not certain of my schedule in the next months.  I definitely want to see friends and family back on the mainland.  I have a teaching assignment in the fall that I am looking forward to.
But it makes me a little crazy to have built a new home and then leave it for any extended period of time.
Like all of the past months, I will give the whole process a bit of mental space and see how it unfolds.
As a friend has recently said, "make plans but don't become too attached to the outcome..."
So for now, I need to think about how to carefully store away my Hawaiian things, and how to leave the yurt in self-sustaining mode.  My brother will look in on it, for sure.  I appreciate his care.
My heart flutters even now, thinking of leaving.
Doors close, doors open.

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