Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunrise, Sunset

One of many beautiful sunrises (or sunsets?)
I likely would not have seen this if it wasn't for
living in a yurt.
From the beginning, I always knew there would be an ending.  It's just the way of the world, right? 
So I have been in Hawaii and built a yurt.  A success story.  It has been a great adventure, with many "ups" and a only few "downs".
I have spent important time with my brother.  I have made new friends and renewed older friendships.
I have exceed my expectations.
Yet there is more to come. 
The yurt is just in its infancy.  It needs utilities and furnishings to make it more comfortable.  Hopefully, these improvements will happen on succeeding visits. 
Until then I can continue to dream and possibly scheme. :)
And I am in my infancy as well, in regards to learning about Hawaii and how this phases of my life will unfold. 
For now, I need to think and let meaning reveal itself.
Three months has gone by quickly.  I have photos, poems and writings, and this blog to help me remember and reflect.  Perhaps it has interested some of you as well?
I appreciate beyond words all the help, generosity, advice, and encouragement that has been given.
What would I have done without you?
Don't forget to ring the bell when
you  come to visit.
So it is time to start buttoning-up the yurt and packing my bags.  A bit sad to be leaving so much behind, but gods willing, I will return.
Until then,

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  1. Buttoning up so still have over a week until April 1. Your dream is still unfolding much more to come. I remember back around the holidays when the hawk visited my backyard.....the change he was bringing was my time in Chicago....not as exciting as your Hawaiian adventure....however, for me, a time of growth. Peace my friend.