Sunday, January 22, 2012


I have returned.
I am in Ninole, Hawaii and enjoying my yurt after a 9 month hiatus.  I am a fortunate man. I have made a big decision by closing my home in Salem.  I walked out for the last time January 16th only knowing that I now live in Hawaii and will go back to vacation in Connecticut.  Or that seems to be how things are unfolding and, as always subject to change.

I landed in Kona on the Big Island, probably being the only person in Hawaii wearing long underwear.  I shed it as quickly as possible.  The weather has been gorgeous, warm and sunny.  Apparently it rained all of December, so again, I am lucky.
We stopped at 69 Beach, a favorite haunt on the way back to Ninole.  Sitting toes in sand, we saw Humpback Whales breaching perhaps 1000 yards of shore.  So joyful, so magnificent.

The yurt is in good shape, thanks to care from my brother and others.  The inside is spotless while the outside had a patina of weathering and a little dirt.  It is not new anymore but it is standing tall and strong.

I can generate enough electricity with my small PV system, charging batteries and running a few lights.  But what comes next?  I will need to make this a more permanent home.
But how?

Next time, a square peg in a round house.


  1. I tried to find you on google map looking for the yurt ;-D

    1. Yes, it appears the whole compound is not on the map. A secret hideaway...