Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Perfect Circle

My Great Uncle Newman once tried to engineer a machine that would scribe a perfect circle.  He of course knew that no such thing could be invented.  None the less, he tried to get close.
Perhaps there is a bit of him in me.  I appreciate the circular circumstances that I find myself in.  Living in a yurt is sometimes referred to as living in the round.  It is an enjoyable situation, pleasing in a slightly magical way, no corners, no angular issues.  And adhering to the philosophy of Wabi-sabi, I am keeping it simple.  So far.  There is beauty in the open space, the glow of golden yellow wood, and white latticed walls.
But ultimately, it also needs to be a space that I can live in with a certain amount of functionality.  So the task at hand is how do I keep the aesthetic and still find a way to deal with the everyday needs of living?  Where do I put the dirty laundry, the wires to the computer, etc.?  I'm getting a bit tired of piles and storage boxes...
I have been trying to do this slowly, which I think is good self-advice.  Household furnishings, sometimes found in antique/junk stores are somewhat rare.  Cost and quality come into play. Textures and color seem important.   And what there is available, is built for the traditional house with 90 degree angles.  I am attempting to fill a round hole with square pegs!
Most pleasing so far is my hammock, bought in Mexico, which now forms a geometric Chord from one circle side to another.  It's gentle bend is a complement to the walls.
So for the time being, I will continue to go slowly, looking, thinking, and learning to be patient with space and place.
Next time:  What grows here?

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