Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting Acclimatized and Going Hog Wild

Today is Friday. Time does seem to slip away.   I finally arrived in Ninole, my ultimate destination late Tuesday.  Several things have taken up my attention:  Hanging out and catching up with my brother, and trying to get into the local sleep cycle, which is 5 hours different from home in Salem, CT.  It seems a slow process.  I am ready for bed about 6 PM and have been waking at about 4 AM.  Somewhat screwy.
I’ve also been busy talking to several nice people about my bag, which went one way when I went the other, somewhere between Chicago and Honolulu.  It eventually arrived yesterday, so it required a trip into Hilo to retrieve it.  Hilo is nice, and worth a look, but for now just a nuisance, although we did have a nice lunch at a local spot called Kuhio Grille.  I recommend the pork and tofu stir-fry, and of course the Mac and cheese, an island standard.
(My doorbell and the ocean beyond from the yurt site)
 Among others thing, the bag had my camera.  Nice to see it again.  They airline folk were impressed with the yellow ribbon I tied onto the handle for identification. J  I have taken some video with my Flip camera, which I hope to post up soon.  From it you might be able to tell a little bit about what the land looks like here and where the yurt will go.  Currently the yurt is sitting in a big stack of boxes and bundles under a tarp.  Later today or tomorrow a friend will mow the yurt site so we can start putting in the foundation, a deck like structure which the yurt will ultimately sit upon.  It will be in a prime spot with views of both snow topped Mona Kea and in the opposite direction, a swath of the blue-gray Pacific.  How cool is that?
Wednesday evening we walked down the mowed trail to the yurt site.  I hung my doorbell (a gift from Melissa) on a nearby tree, took some video, and headed back.  Scot’s dog Gypsy was working the underbrush, nosing about, and flushed a wild pig out which ran right past me, perhaps 3 feet away.  I’m not sure who was more surprised.  I did let out a loud “Whoa!!” The pig, black haired maybe 120 lbs ducked into the woods nearby.  They are feral, and generally regarded as tasty nuisances, rooting up the ground everywhere they roam.
Ok, going to try and find some internet link to download this. 
PS  How are you all enjoying the snow?  It has rained some, but it is sunny and 80 degrees here today.  (Sorry for the gloat!)

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  1. I don't know Paul...tofu.....however, mac & you're talkin!