Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whack job, Pt 2

Working with "manly tools."  Note the barn boots,,
They are all the rage in these parts.
 It has been another busy day.  The weed whacking we did recently to clear the brush got a buzz-cut, attempting to nub it down to the mineral earth.  Easier said than done.  Anywhere the grass has been matted down by the pigs, it is tough, literally and figuratively, to cut. They also make rooting holes in the dirt. Watch yer step!  By the way, there is a very sharp spinning blade at the end of the whacker shaft.  Tricky business.  I might just have arms like Popeye by the time this is done.
 Scot and I went to Home Depot and priced wood.  Since most commodities come to Hawaii by ship, things are expensive, and big heavy things, like 4"x8" beams, whoa Nellie.  But it's only money, some say.
We will be staking out the placement for the footers for the deck soon.  Here's how that will go: Dig a hole (where are those pigs when you need them?) then fill with gravel, and finally the precast footers.  They each weight 160 lbs. and there will be twenty-some of them.  Anyone got a 4-wheel drive truck?  Hoping for a little help via the aloha spirit.  As always, we shall see.

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  1. The prep is ALWAYS the pits! I envision you sitting in a lounge chair, sipping a cool one and enjoying the balmy ocean breezes in front of the FINISHED yurt.....casa Sanderson.