Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sheep bleat, sibblings argue, and stone will not haul itself.

Sheep help keep the pastures open.

Well it has been a little bumpy here the past week.  While the weather in Paradise has been great, my brother and I discovered we have differing visions of the yurt project.  This is his farm. Rambling, with sheep and chickens and wild pigs. I am an invited guest.  But we aren't mirror images: we differ in many ways.  It came to some heated words. 
And I must say I don't do confrontation well.  I try to avoid it.  So the conflict came in 3 phases:
1.  We had a heated argument (details unimportant to you).  Just know that it was unpleasant.

2.  We took a couple days off then talked more civilly and "made-up".

3.  Then we talked again and we got the issues ironed out, for the most part, and now it's back underway.  (A truck load of stone arrives tomorrow AM)

A day at the beach.
In the process, I learned a few things, but perhaps those will appear in my writing blog...ah siblings!

News!  I have finished digging holes, at least for the yurt.  19 in all.
More good news, the stone  arrived on time.  The bad news, it needs to be wheel-barrowed 700 ft, all 4 tons.

A gift from Pele; 4 tons of rock.
Here's a drawing of the deck plan.  The small circles represent where the holes were dug for the piers.
One view of the deck plan.  24' in diameter.

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