Saturday, January 29, 2011

A hole, a pole, a deck, a yurt

I am the dump truck,
you are the eggplant.
One step at a time...

This is a somewhat low tech construction project.
Because the ground is soft, it is difficult to get heavy machinery to places where it would be useful. Like the yurt site.
So, I am the dump truck. (Sounds Beatle-esque?)  
And I don't really mind. There is something rewarding to be found in sweat-of-the-brow labor.  I know how many shovels full to a wheel barrow load and how far each trip is.  I know where the path is smooth and where the pigs of the past have rooted the soil forming bumps and holes.  Little pillows and cradles in the soil.  The wheel barrow does move as well in these areas, so an extra grunt is required. 
The whole process makes me more physically aware and so then more in tune with my body and the environment surrounding me.

Yesterday by the gate I saw a very large bumblebee.  I was closing the gate, which on a farm is an important courtesy.  It is much easier to close a gate than catch run-away sheep! 
The bee was completely covered with yellow pollen, and as it flew a few scant inches under my nose, I smelled the most delicious fragrance. 
Very tropical, floral, and enchanting. 

A truly unique Hawaiian moment.

Thank you bee.

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