Monday, January 17, 2011

Yurt in a Box/Wackin'Weeds

Hey from Hawaii.
 Just got hooked up online with a 3G wireless.  Thank you Verison.
The yurt is sitting in a pile of boxes just down the path from Scot's cabin.  Someone suggested a puzzle in a box.  It's fun checking the contents: roof, walls, doors, dome, etc;  I've been studying the assembly manual.
Went to meditation group to mellow out on Sunday.  It is good to get centered and gain the appropriate perspective.  Nice people.  We chatted a bit after on a lecture by Ram Das.
Today we repaired equipment and I did some weed whacking.  That's tough work.  The fields, including the yurt site are covered with a dense mat of ferns and tough grasses.  The yurt site is clear, so now we can start to put in the foundation piers upon which to build the deck. (pictures tomorrow)
 It was nice to make some progress after waiting for a neighbor to mow, which wasn't happening. 
Yurts in a box are good.  Yurts up are better.
Not everything is rainbows here; we caught a rat yesterday.  This is a farm but the cats don't seem to scare them away.
It's been sunny but we are trying to hustle before the winter rains.

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