Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Long Haul

Ever wonder where phrases like "in it for the long haul" come from?  I sometimes do, I like word-smithing, etymology, etc.  But sometimes the truer meaning pops up in unlikely ways.
Like just today while driving my blue wheel barrow.

As the yurt project moves forward and closer to the two main building events, the deck structure and then the yurt itself, it has become clear to me that there has been and likely will be much more hauling.  The yurt site, at the edge of a beautiful field overhanging a ravine, with gorgeous views of the ocean and the mountains, is 700 feet away from the 2 tons of yurt parts.  A truck with large  4 x 8" x 24' beams, flooring lumber, nineteen 160 lbs cement piers and more will arrive on Thursday. 
The last section of the pathway
leading from the driveway gate to
the yurt site.
The question is, how do we lift and move these items?  Already I have moved almost 4 tons of stone using a wheel barrow.  It has been a physical challenge. 
The path through the field is spongy, most previously a sugar cane field, until succession returned it to a wild field, filled with dense mats of wiry grasses, tangle fern, sensitive plant and more.
Can a truck or heavy fork lift carry the goods? 
Who's willing to try? 
If none of these are possible, am I in it for, well, the long haul??

One other thought.  Most of the people who are involved or who are willing to help are older, generally in the 50-60+ age range. Wise and cagey, yes we are.  Young and strong of back and brawn, no not at all.  So I will share my new adage to all, who will in their kindness and generosity volunteer to help: 

We don't want no broken backs,
We don't want no heart-attacks.

Cross you fingers that the haul is short.



  1. U-Haul rents Bobcats.

    They make motorized wheelbarrows.

    John Deere makes a 6 wheel ATV that has a dump
    truck type bed. Called a Gater.

    Go to Home Depot and hire 10 day laborers.

    Call when it's done. Lol.

  2. They pyramids were not built in a day. Or was that Rome? Keep up the good work. Just think of the satisfaction of accomplishment on down the line. And how buff you will be Kahuna.

  3. This reminds me of the time when we had to assist Aric with all the cement blocks that were used in his art installations at Ohio State and beyond. Lugging them up and down stairs and loading them on dollies to take up and down elevators....no wonder I have lower back issues ;-)