Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beam Me Up, Scotty

Nailing the posts to the Simpson piers.
  A physicist might tell you that nothing is as solid or permanent as it seems.  Solid stuff, like wood, cement and the like are mostly moving atomic particles with a lot of space in between. 
A carpenter would tell you the same.  Building a structure, like the deck in these photos, is working with basic materials: metal, wood, cement, stone, dirt, etc.  It's done with amazingly simple tools: hammers, circular saws, string, a level, a square, and a pencil.
Using these tools to make a sturdy structure takes skill, experience, and the eye of an artist.

These are the 3 main beams each 24 feet long.
 Thank goodness I have my brother Scot to help with this process.  He patiently levels, measures, plumbs and squares these materials. 
And it seems like they are always in motion! 
A matrix of movement.  Just when one section is set and in place, something shifts, bows, or moves a bit, making the whole enterprise interact and shift slightly out of kilter. 

Almost done with the 4 x 8 beams.  Just
a little nudge here, a little push there,
maybe a cross brace...
  Eventually, with a bit of re-shifting, prying, pushing, hammering, cursing, and head scratching, it comes together.  Straight and true.
All within a quarter of an inch or so, converting thousands of pounds of material, 24 feet in diameter, over uneven ground into a first class deck.

Admiring our handy work.
So many thanks to Scot for his time and efforts.
My jobs at this phase is go-fer, tool-hander, beam toter, nailer, photographer, and blogger. 
Oh yes, and learner.
In a day or so, it will be a done deck, yurt ready.
And although I am enjoying the process...
I can't wait!


  1. Lovely to see such progress and even better to share it with you here. Such an enviable project. Your life is being so enriched by it. Yurt on!

  2. Most excellent....it is all coming together now. Party on the deck!

  3. Thank you peacereader for your comment. It has been enriching, indeed.
    And Linda, great idea, when can you be here?

  4. In a New York minute if I could.