Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just in case...

We have had a good stretch of fair weather the past week or so, and it has helped move the yurt project along.
Good weather is not always the case here, especially in the winter months.  I am told that there can be extended periods of rainy, stormy weather.  It is not unusual for it to rain 200 inches annually, this compared to 40-50 back home in Connecticut.
So after stringing more than 500 feet of extension cord to run the chop saw and other tools needed to build a deck, we thought that it would be prudent to build some shelter, both for the equipment and for the workers.  Electricity and water don't always work well together.
The work can continue if the weather is showery, but it helps to keep the wood dry as well.
So I bought a 20' x 30' tarp and we lashed some guava saplings together and covered them with the tarp.  It reminded me of making tents out of old army blankets when we were kids.  Sort of seat of the pants shelter building, making due with whatever materials are available. 
So far the tarp and structure has stood up to some steady and gusty winds coming in from the south. 
Fingers crossed.

Check out the photos below.
Various tie-downs are employed.


After building the shelter we began doing the fine tuning
of the piers, getting them straight and square, a task compounded
by working on sloping and uneven ground.  Some
head scratching was required.

Gypsy testing out the shade
provided by the tarp during a break from
her pig patrol duties.
 Well, I think we are just about ready to make some sawdust,
remembering to measure twice and cut once of course.


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