Sunday, February 6, 2011

Money vs Kindness

Carrying 24' long beams the
easier way.

Sometimes money is the solution to logistical problems.  There are times when one can either buy or rent the solution to a problematic task, such as in my case moving heavy and/or awkward objects, like lumber.  Rental business know this. 
At other times the kindness of friends helps, tremendously. 
Moving lumber to the yurt site was accomplished by the latter, specifically with the help of Hawaiian friend Trevor and his truck.  A ton or more of boards and beams bounced their way across the field in a shot couple of hours.  What a gift!  A bit of teamwork lifting and four-wheeled drive did the job.  It was especially appreciated since Trevor was working off the effects of a nasty cold, which he probably caught working as a substitute teacher.

Stopping to load the last 4 concrete piers.

Scot and Trevor taking a break
after unloading the truck.

In this part of the world, help like this is a part of a general friendliness and giving attitude, referred to as "the Aloha Spirit".  And although favors are often returned, it is not generally expected. 
But in this case, it is greatly appreciated.
Mahalo, Trevor.

PS  Maybe this is what they call the short run?  :)

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