Sunday, February 6, 2011

Grunt Work

Scot moving pier blocks
across the bumpy terrain.
 Sometimes in construction work there is no easy way to accomplish a task, except basic down and dirty grunt work.  Placing the piers in the holes newly filled with stone is a fine example.  Straining backs, bustled knuckles, sweat, and grime are the price you pay to get the job done.
Having some brute strength helps.  My brother Scot has this going for him.  But it is not easy.  Old football injuries to the knees and shoulders and other accidents have lessened his strength, but he can still on occasion dig deep and make things happen.

Making progress.  Can you see the
semi-circle forming the outline
of the yurt?
 His strength was certainly useful in setting the pier blocks in place.  We worked as a team, jockeying the blocks onto a hand truck and then pushing and shoving and nudging them into place.  But the truth be known, it was his muscle power that ultimately accomplish placing them where they will sit, supporting the decking above.
I couldn't imagine doing that work alone. 

All in place.  Monuments to a brotherly teamwork.

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