Thursday, February 17, 2011


Sunrise, February 17th.
 There are reasons for getting out of bed in the morning, having very little to do with what you pursue, what your dreams are, or what you are building.  They are reasons without words that nonetheless speak so loudly, so clearly. 
This morning when I peeked my eyes open I saw that the sky was pink and multi-textured.  It was a clarion call.  I jumped up, grabbed some clothes and my camera.
The sky was brilliant, as far as the eye could see.  And the sky is big here.  I couldn't decide what to do, rub my eyes in amazement, or snap photos, so I did a little of each. 
We live on an amazing planet.
So please, remember to celebrate each new day.
It seems a jumble of planks and beams doesn't it?
Can you see the basic deck in the background?

The yurt project is coming along, slowly.  Wood needs to be massaged into its appropriate place.  We are hand-crafting a deck.  Each cut tells a story:  A warped board, a dull saw, a steady hand, a tired back.  It is all there for the cautious eye to behold.  It is happening, but slowly.  It is happening, but surely.  Each day is a new challenge.  Each afternoon at quiting time, a new victory. 
I am somewhere between jubilation and frustration.
There are reasons to celebrate.
 Hey, I'm building a yurt!  Not so simple, but eminently elegant. 

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  1. Dream it....Believe it....Live it
    and you are Paul.