Monday, February 21, 2011


One of my first visitors.
One of the things about a yurt in Hawaii is the immediacy it creates with nature. The sky, the mountains, the ocean are all so close.       And being surrounded by trees and fields, it was not unusual to find this praying mantis sitting on the deck while we worked.  We took a few minutes to enjoy its company.

There is something special about this shape.
Perhaps as you can see, the deck structure is rounding into good shape!  We are close to done; the bender boards will go on tomorrow in final preparation for yurt assembly!

Front and center.
I am standing in the middle of the deck, reflecting on the process and imagining the next steps. Much has happened in the past few weeks.

The last board laid in place.

Putting down the last T & G boards near where the back door will lead out to the lanai.  I am looking forward to having my morning coffee there. You should join me!                                                      


  1. I'm more a circle than a square ;-)

  2. "Join you for coffee?" Be careful, you may have a LOT of unexpected company. Looks like things are moving right along.