Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow on the mountain, yurts down below.

Puddles from the Pacific
 Well it did rain last night, with some spectacular thunder and lightning.  There is a significant amount of snow up on the mountains. 
Down below we got over an inch of water.  Not record setting for these parts, but enough to make a good puddle on the tarp and water the drought stricken fields and forests.  So far only a couple of inches this month, and this is a rain forest!
So the first order of the day was to mop and sop.  Eventually I got it dry; not too much damage to the deck.  The lattice and the door wood are treated, so they seem fine too.

And now, in the center ring...
Here Jeremy helps Scot adjust the top of the scaffolding.  The compression ring, where the rafters attach and the dome-skylight sits, rests up here temporarily during assembly.

Ya, I know beam me up...
The first couple of rafter are bolted into place at the top.  The other end of the rafters hook over the cable strung across the top of the lattice.
It becomes stronger very quickly.

OK, the instruction manual says...
After the first 17 or so rafters, the scaffolding is lowered at the top and the roof is self-supporting for the first time.  Hold your breath...
OK! It works.
The crew made quick work of this phase.
Jeremy hands Scot one of the final rafters.  Watch the glass in the door behind you!  Montrose Colorado is a long way to go to get replacement.
The arty shot
Scot working up high amidst rays of wood and wonder.

Looking good and level at the top.
Pretty much a  completed skeleton of a yurt:  Deck, bender boards, doors, lattice walls, rafters, and compression ring. 
The weather forecast was for more rain, so the roof and wall fabric will happen tomorrow, hopefully.
It started to rain about 30 minutes after we cleaned up and covered up.
Timing is everything!
Imagine a moonlit night...
The yurt framework looks good from down the path.  A shining star, that's what you are.
The long and winding road...

The hard working crew breaks for lunch,  Gypsy's favorite part of the day.
Roof and wall fabric tomorrow.
Living in the round, soon.