Thursday, February 10, 2011


Three things in the past few days.

One, the deck is well supported.  We put in a lot of cross bracing and angle bracing.  I've perfected driving in nails while almost standing on my head!
Cross bracing  and angle bracing.
It will be strong!
Two, we scribed the circle, a 12 foot radius, and attempted to cut to shape the parts of the beams that were too long.
Destroying a chainsaw in the process.  Dulling several other saws.  And finally cutting using a hand saw.  Oh my aching arms.
Today I hauled 300+ board feet of pine tongue and groove decking.  It will look sweet when it's laid down.

Three, I've been studying the yurt assembly booklet. 
 I think I'm almost ready.
It was a good day to haul lumber and work on my tan.

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  1. Looks like things are moving right along. Good for you. Can't wait to see the finished product.