Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lattice Begin to Assemble

Trevor inspects the lattice wall as
 Scot supports the door.  As a unit, doors,
lattice, and deck form a strong base. The bender boards
are seen running around the edge of the deck.
They hold the lattice in place.
  This day began with several tasks.  First we cut and installed the bender boards.  The material we chose originally didn't work well, so we went to Home Depot and bought 1/2" plywood, which worked perfectly.  Trevor (in floppy hat) showed up to help finish installing the benders.  He and I built the scaffolding (on the deck, centered).  This will be used to stand upon to attach the rafter beams to the center compression ring and later the roofing fabrics.
I'm home.
I was the first one to cross the threshold.  The door are well built and nicely finished.
Scot is adjusting the angle brackets which secure the lattice to the deck floor.
Things are rounding into shape.
Pictured here are the lattice walls and the doors completed. 
It seemed a good place to stop for the day and have a beer.  The sky was clouding and a bit of thunder sounded in the distance. 
Many thanks to crew members Scot, Trevor, Paul H. and Jeremy.
Tomorrow the compression ring and the rafters.
Up it goes!


  1. Who knew a Berg cheerleader could attain such heights or build such a marverlous structure....I am SOOO impressed!

  2. Thanks Linda, yes fight on Student Princes!